All about Belts

The history of belts<

                                       The history of belts

The belt is a rope, a cord, a waistband for tying clothes buttoning at the waist. The belt is an important detail in a wardrobe. On the history of the costume’s evolution, a great attention was being given to belt. Design, colors and decors were being thoroughly analyzed. 

The belt was one of the first elements of human’s clothes. Animal’s skin and then primal clothes held on it.  Loincloth was hanged on the leather, rope and woven belts. Weapon was also tied to the belts. Men have long been considered the belt to be a sign of valor and combat readiness to get the power. Pistols, power flasks, flints and tinder were also held on the belts. In some Arabian countries they could find out the teenager’s age judging by the belts: if the belt was made of camel’s hair that meant that the teenager was already fifteen and he was an adult and was responsible for his deeds. Eskimos’ courtship began with the groom giving his bride a belt encrusted with hunting trophies – incisors of walruses and polar bears. It meant that the husband was a brave man and he would be able to provide his family with cushioned life. Barbers, clerks and doctors wore their craft tools also on the belts. Valuable things were also kept in the belts. Women hung fans or purses on their waist belts while men hung the watches.

Throughout history the belt was remaining a very important part of clothes. It corresponded to human’s position in society. In XVI - XVII centuries belts of rich people were made of expensive materials. They were strewn with jewelry. 

During the solemn ceremonies, Alexander the Great put on a low-down belt with gold tassels that with the miter became the fixture in the king's dignity. 

Nowadays belts are also in trend. They are worn practically with all clothes - with dress, skirt, suits, blouse or coat. Here you can find many variants of dresses and choose a perfect one. The belts are made narrow and broad, medium and very large. They are worn on a waist and lower. There are a lot of materials belts made of: natural and artificial leather, elastic waistband belt, metallized, fabrics, etc. Belts are decorated with different appliques, decorative buckles, various forms of metal, plastic, leather, semi-precious stones and with pearls.